How Do I Run Reports on my Users

1.  Log into the AbsorbAdmin interface by going to:

2.  Put in your username and password and click "submit".
3.  Click on the report tab.
4.  Decide which type of report you wish to run.  For this example, we will pick Courses Summary.
5.  You will immediately see the Course Summary.  You can change what is displayed by clicking on the "Display Columns" and adding or subtracting items to be shown.
6.  Once you have customized the report, you can save it by clicking the Actions button and selecting "Save As..." to name it whatever you desire.  If you have customized the report and you wish this to be the report you see when you select Courses Summary, simply click on, "Save as Default" and this will be the default report in this area.
7.  If you desire for this report to be ran regularly you can click on the schedule tab.
Next, click the Email Report selection box, decide the frequency of how often you desire the report to be ran, then put your email address in the Email Reciptients box and decide if the file generated should be CSV or Excel.  If you have more than one person who needs the report you can email to multiple individuals.
You must save this in order to complete the scheduled email setting.
All other reports are generated and saved in this way.  If you have questions, please let us know.
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