I have renewed my account. How do I deal with expired users?

As a group administrator you have full control over who has access to your group learning materials.  If you have a user who is about to expire please follow these steps to grant them another year of access to your group account.

  1. Log into EMsono.com.  You must be an administrator of the account to perform this function.

  2. Once you login you will be taken to the Dashboard.  Please click on Users.


  3. You will now see all of your active users.  Find the user that is about to expire, or who is expired, and click the De-activate user link.


  4. Next click on the Inactive Users link.


  5. Now browse to user you wish to turn grant another year of access to your group and click the re-activate user link.


  6. When you reactivate a user it will turn on their account for another year.
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